"Starting from concept to completion, consider yourself a guest at your own special event as Busy Bee’s takes care of the rest." - Bettina

We love sharing our favorite local vendors as we connect with them. Recently, we shared beautiful photos from a styled shoot inspired by Beauty and the Beast. Meet the master mind that was behind the scenes and even in front of the camera, Bettina Benizri, owner of Busy Bee's Events.

While speaking to Bettina, it sounds like spending money on a planner is really worth the investment. Busy Bee’s Events is a full service event planning firm based in the South Florida region. A wedding planner at Busy Bee's wears many hats. She's a personal shopper, a negotiator, a budget analyst, an organizer, an accountant, and even a friend.

Event Planner: Busy Bee's Events | Photography: George Street Photo


Money, money, money! It's the first thing most of us think about when we are about to plan a wedding. Think of wedding planners as your wedding financial advisors. Bettina calls them "Expert Fund Allocators". Their knowledge on how much things should cost and ability to work within any budget will benefit you tremendously. Hiring a planner will roughly show the percentage of your budget that will be spent in each area.  

Event Planner: Busy Bee's Events | Photography: Poirier Photography


Speaking of budgets, Bettina also mentioned planners have grounds to negotiate lower pricing with each and every vendor! Sounds like there's a possibility that your wedding budget could be trimmed down. There are tons of suppliers out there but planners know who to trust and who is right for you. They can recommend suppliers they’ve worked with before and know how to get the best prices, and the best results, from them. 

Event Planner: Busy Bee's Events | Photography: Moriah Cuda


We asked Bettina what her thoughts were on hiring wedding planners. Here was her response. 

Your wedding planning experience should be enjoyable, not stressful. My service is about providing that stress-free and even enjoyable experience of planning your wedding. Why do you want to stress yourself for a happy day, when you can have an expert put it all together for you? Especially speaking on the day of, why would you want to worry about anything? No one wants their cousin or a sister to come up to them as their hair or make up is being done with a question or even a problem. No one wants dreaded phone calls from vendors saying something went wrong. The purpose of my job is to guarantee that if something were to go wrong, then you would never know and if you did find out, it would be months after the wedding. The purpose of hiring Busy Bee’s Events is to make planning your own wedding a positive and even enjoyable experience.

Event Planner: Busy Bee's Events | Photography: Chris Joriann Photography


Planners know the latest trends and are inspired daily by other brides, suppliers and the industry. They can visualise what will work in your venue and know how to bring your desired mood to life.  Even if they have to use a new supplier, they know how to find the best one for your style and price. They have the time and the skills to deal with everything on your behalf. It takes a lot of time and hard work to pull a wedding together perfectly, keep track of all your deadlines and remind you when things need to be done, so why not just hire a planner and have the option to just worry about taking care of yourself and enjoying your engagement?

Event Planner: Busy Bees Events | Photography: Moriah Cuda

Event Planner: Busy Bee's Events | Photography: Moriah Cuda


Bettina describes herself as a peace keeper as well as a reassuring spirit. However, wedding planners know that their purpose is to prevent anything from going wrong so they will fight to make your vision a reality. She quotes, 

“I love my job because I love seeing people happy and actually enjoying the experience, instead of dreading it. Despite what TV shows portray as a wedding or even a bride, it isn’t always about hard situations. It’s about getting to know a happy couple that just got engaged and delivering exactly what they are envisioning within their own budget. It’s about planning an amazing day that the couple will always remember the rest of their lives.”

Hire a planner like Bettina, who's energy is capable of making your wedding a stress-free and exciting experience. Appointments are made through email or over the phone. The best times to reach her are Monday-Saturday from 8am-8pm. However, feel free to connect with her and the team on other platforms as well.

Email bettina@busybeesevents.com | Phone 954-361-4241 Website BusyBeesEvents.com | Instagram @BusyBeesEvents | Facebook Busy Bee Events