So you’ve planned your wedding perfectly – you’ve double checked every detail from the floral delivery confirmation to the reception linen scheme – and you’ve pictured how your wedding day will unfold just as blissfully and perfectly as you wished.

In a perfect world, your wedding would be a true fairytale: everything would run smoothly from start to finish, and at the end of the evening, you and your new husband would ride off into the sunset to embark on your new marriage. That can STILL happen, of course, but it’s important to take into consideration that, sometimes, things don’t go our way and you might encounter a few wedding day emergencies.

The truth is that anything can happen on your wedding day, but getting distracted by drama can keep you from fully enjoying your special day. Before you start to panic and scream internally, take a deep breath! With our help, you’ll be able to handle all these wedding day emergencies in no time. The experts at PAPER & LACE are sharing how to *perfectly* handle possible wedding day emergencies:


Whether you’re dealing with divorced parents, an uncle who had way too much to drink during cocktail hour, a sibling rivalry, or something of a different nature, family drama almost always tends to pop up during big gatherings and can cause some serious tension.

If and when family drama arises at your wedding, the best thing to do is separate the parties involved. Take safety measures beforethe big day be seating potential “fighters” far away from each other. Delegate other guests at your wedding to keep them busy in conversation and apart from one another. If trouble still ensues, take a deep breath. Remember that, at the end of the day, you can’t control other people’s actions and emotions. But you can control yours! Keep in mind that, despite how others choose to act on your wedding day, you can still be sure that you have a great day.


Despite your very best efforts, you may find yourself experiencing an unexpected weather event on your wedding day. If there’s a sudden change in weather, we promise that there is no need to freak out! Contact your wedding venue to see what kind of accommodations they can help you with last-minute and be sure to alert guests, via phone or Facebook or your wedding website, with updates.

If you had planned on hosting an outdoor wedding, be sure that you have an indoor location back-up plan (your venue can help with this, as well).


When it comes to dress emergencies – say, spilling something on your gown or a strap breaking – prep a bridal emergency kit! Your emergency kit should include things like a thread and needle, safety pins, baby wipes, a stain-removal pen, white chalk, band aids, a compact and mirror, and breath mints.

If a stain happens, try your very best to get the stain out, then cover any remaining discoloration with fabric chalk. If the stain is somewhere you can cover it with an accessory, try moving your sash, brooch, or shrug. Accidents happen – but we promise that you can get over even the messiest of wardrobe malfunctions with a calm, cool, and collected smile on your face.


If you wake up feeling under the weather on your wedding day, contact your doctor ASAP and take action right away, whether that means drinking tea with honey or heading over to the pharmacy to pick up medicine.

To avoid this potential emergency before your big day rolls around it may be in your best interest to start taking your meds or proactively take vitamins before the cold or sickness really starts to kick in — or even have a longstanding doctor’s appointment ready to go and scheduled — just in case. Hey, it might sound drastic, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!


Unfortunately, stress, anxiety and lack of sleep are common symptoms of a bride-to-be before her big day. Even more unfortunately, all three of these contribute to acne and skin problems.

If you wake up with a zit on your wedding day, don’t panic! There are tons of products out there that will help you heal and conceal the blemish:

  • Ice the pimple to reduce redness and swelling
  • Apply a spot treatment cream that won’t dry your skin out
  • Do not pick at your zit!
  • The blemish won’t go away instantly, but picking at it and touching it constantly will make it worse

After you do what you can, enlist the help of your makeup artist. He or she will expertly be able to conceal your blemish so you look flawless on your big day.


Many weddings go hand-in-hand with a celebratory champagne toast, a signature cocktail, and other alcoholic beverages that are being passed around all evening. And, sometimes, some guests overindulge…

Usually it’s not a big deal and the wedding and reception can continue on, but what happens if one of these guests is scheduled to give a toast, or starts giving an impromptu speech? In many cases, the speech can be harmless and turn into one of those memories you laugh about (later), but in a worst-case-scenario situation, sometimes the content of the speech can be wildly inappropriate and downright embarrassing.

In these situations, enlist help to get the microphone away from them. Ask your DJ or MC to start cuing music gradually to create a transition, and have the best man or a friend regain control of the mic.


During your meetings with vendors, everything looked absolutely perfect on paper. However, when you saw your venue on the wedding day, it didn’t turn out as well as you’ve imagined before.

Too many flowers, not enough flowers, too much décor, clashing colors, etc. This is why a good amount of research is essential before the planning. If you’re not happy with the look of everything on your big day, immediately talk to your decorator for suggestions on how they can pull out a quick fix. After all, your decorator is on hand to help your big day look and feel wonderful!


Everything is put together perfectly, but one of the biggest pieces of your reception décor is missing – the centerpieces! Have no fear. Oftentimes, your venue will be able to offer their own centerpiece arrangements and/or flowers. Those can take the place of your planned centerpieces… at least until they arrive.

You can also liven up your wedding reception tables with dazzling stationery – table number cards, escort cards, wedding menus, and bright and beautiful linens. At PAPER & LACE, we can help you design and create custom wedding stationery for your reception. Even without centerpieces, your reception tables will look beautiful and perfectly put together!


Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned – perhaps even on your wedding day. Regardless of all of the external factors that remain out of your control, you can still have the most amazing wedding day ever! Our biggest piece of advice is to stay calm, take a deep breath, and delegate, delegate, delegate!

From your bridal party and your mother to the ceremony and reception staffs, you have plenty of hands waiting to make your wedding day just as magical as you had envisioned it!